Aims and Objectives
• To promote personal and group development.
• To pool funds with a common purpose and outcome.
The aim of the Social club is to pool funds for investment to be shared equally to all registered active members

• Members will supply the Social club with their personal details (ID document copy, Proof of residence - Not older than 3 Months, Proof of bank account or Bank statement. Documents to be uploaded on the website via link provided on profiles or sent to
• Members must abide by the Social club's constitution.

Social club Executive Committee
The executive committee will consist of the following positions:

Chairperson, whose responsibilities are:
• To lead and prepare the agenda for meetings.
• Make sure rules are followed.
• Approve money withdrawal/Transfers with other executive members.
• Explore opportunities for enhancing the group’s practices.

Secretary, whose responsibilities are:
• Keep an accurate record of the group’s activities, namely minutes, correspondence and membership register.
• Maintain communication to make sure all members are informed of all activities of the group.
• Have signing powers with the chairperson and treasurer.

Treasurer, whose responsibilities are:
• Keep accurate account of all the group’s finances and present copies of all the deposit slips.
• Collect deposit slips/Proof of payment after every meeting.
• Have signing powers with the chairperson and the secretary.

Change of Leadership
• Members can change the leadership structure if there is a majority vote.
• Changes in the leadership structure must be announced 30 days prior to the meeting.

• Each member shall have one vote.
• A resolution can be passed by simple majority (one more than half of the members present at a meeting).
• A resolution can only be passed in a meeting where at least half of the Social club members are present in person.
• Shall be by a text message to one of the admins or email to (All responses will be displayed on the Website' News Updates page.

• Online meetings will be held weekly on Zoom platform (Download app for android or Download zoom for IOS) Details will be sent to registered members only.
• All members will be required to attend meetings on a weekly basis, failure to attend will result in a member being fined R30
• Members who are unable to join meetings online can join physically on the following addresses -

7318/47 Phoka Street, Block VV Ext4 Soshanguve (Click here for location)
1064 Block T, Soshanguve (Click here for location)

Joining Fee
• Each member must pay R200 as a non-refundable joining fee.

• Each member has the option to contribute a minimum amount of R120 weekly or R480 Monthly.
• Annual target for every member is set at R4000
• All members have an option to take up a loan of minimum R1000 or pay R300 loan waiver to qualify for interest sharing
• All members are required to reach the R4000 target to qualify for interest sharing
• R10 of all transactions (Weekly or Monthly Contributions) will go towards Pushstart website platform upkeep and management

• Each member is allowed to send 3 apologies in a 4 week cycle and must attend at least one meeting during a 4 week cycle, failure to attend meeting will result in a fine of R30.
• Making late payments of weekly contribution is charged a fine of R30
• Members will be able to make weekly/Monthly contributions using provided Social Club Banking Details
• all transactions' proof of payments should be posted on Pushstart members WhatsApp group
• Cut-off time for weekly contribution payments is Saturday at 15H00, late deposit/Proof of payment will result in a fine of R30
• All proof of payments, penalty/fines will be made available on the website for all member to view on weekly basis and updated every Tuesday.
A member will be automatically deregistered and all contributions dissolved for failing to make any contribution for 5 consecutive weeks.

• Members will be able to request a loan if your social account balance is R600 or more, R500 is held on your account as part of the social club programme.
• Benefits as well as methods of distribution may be amended from time to time with due notice.
• Alterations to benefits will be agreed upon by way of group vote/poll where a majority rule principle will apply.
• For every R100 loan there will be R30 charged as interest which is due 4 weeks from the date of loan granted, failure to pay interest will result in more interest charged to your initial loan amount .
• Members will be able to suggest new ways of improving the Social club's benefits of which implementation of such will be decided by a majority of votes(Please use the Members Forum Page to suggest new ways of improving the Social Club)

• All Loan interests and Loan waiver fee will go into Pushstart Bank Account and not reflected on personal Member's Pushstart Account

• If a member passes away while actively registered, the nominated beneficiary may choose to continue with the account, provided that proof/death certificate is provided to Pushstart support or choose to terminate the account which will see the contributed amount minus the administration fee(R500) sent to the beneficiary on the supplied bank account.

Code of Conduct
• No member will use the name of the Social club for personal business purposes or personal gain.
• Each member will be expected to conduct him or herself in a socially acceptable manner at the meetings.

Meeting Attendance
• Chairman will be responsible for giving a member time to talk during our online meetings, member will use the "Raise hand" feature provided on the meetings platform if they wish to talk
• Speaking out of turn will result with a member being fined R30.
• Absenteeism is charged at the fine of R30
• Profanity or vulgar language is not permitted during the meetings, failure to adhere to the rules will be met with a fine of R100 - Primary language used on the platform and meetings held will be in English (No fines for use of any other language)
• All members are entitled to a 5-minute break during the course of the meeting.
• If a member cannot attend a meeting for any reason whatsoever, a written apology must be sent to the chairman, Social club WhatsApp account (To be provided when membership is confirmed) and social club email address ( or WhatsApp group) 4 Hours before the start of the meeting.
• Should a member fail to attend a meeting without an apology (Mailed to or WhatsApp group) or good reason such as illness or being away, he/she will face a penalty fine of R35.

NB: All meetings will be recorded and minutes sent to all active members.

• The money in the organization will be deposited automatically into Pushstart's account
• Signing power is held by 3 persons nominated by the Social club.
All transfer transactions must be signed by at least 2 of the nominated signatories.

Social club date and timelines
• In the event that the Social club closes, any extra funds and assets of the Social club will be shared amongst members according to each member contribution in the Social club.

Change of Constitution
• Constitution can be amended on suggestion of members which will be discussed on our weekly meetings, a voting system/poll will be held for all members to accept or reject the suggested amendments tabled.
• Changes in the constitution must be announced 30 days prior to the meeting.
By registering and paying joining fee, you acknowledge and accept terms and constitution of the social club.

If you have any challenges pertaining to how the platform works, internet connectivity, device or any technology related issues, please feel free to contact admin on whatsApp for assistance on 0660246086.