You need to register a profile on Pushstart and complete all required fields. You will be able to view your profile details and account details once your profile has been approved. On approval you will receive an E-mail confirming your account is registered. You will be able to log in and view, manage and modify your profile details and account details.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will need to make a non-refundable payment for membership of R200 and upload your proof of payment on your profile page. You will receive an E-mail confirming your active membership for Pushstart.

Once you have an active membership profile, you will be able to make weekly contributions to your account. Weekly contributions can be made anytime before upcoming Sunday. Weekly meetings are held every Sunday at 19H00. All payments are deposited into Pushstart Social Club Bank Account, all banking details are available on the Banking Tab on Pushstart website.

Payout is done on December as per constitution which can be found on Constitution Tab on Pushstart Website. For any questions and suggestions kindly visit Pushstart Forum page and ask your questions and you will receive feedback within 24 Hours or less.